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Stones marble quarries answer the required standards ( TabI). They present a good weather resistance, in aggressive waters, in wear, in pressure, and in flexion. They reveal a beautiful color and a polite check.

Diagénétiques transformations affected in line of decades the Tunisian limestones, making them harder and less porous. What legitimizes them to be treated and used with excellence for the various types of cover and decoration.



German Standards DIN governing stones marble quarries.


Weather resistance

DIN 52106 : Under a marble piece in the water during 28 days Under 20 ° without discoloration.
The Resistance in the frost DIN 52104 : % d'absorption < 0.5
Specific weights Ps DIN 52102 : 2.65 < Ps < 2.85 g/cm 3
Compression resistance RC DIN 52105 : 800 < RC < 1800 Kg/cm²
The Resistance in the wear by grindings (disk in cast iron) DIN 52108 : 15 à 40 cm 3 For a trial plate of 50 cm²

Our range of Tunisian marble appears with a variety of surface treatment: polished, antique, honed, Bush hammered , etc.

Tala Beige Royal

Tala Gris

Gris Foussana

Maron Kesra

Kadel Rose

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